Alice in Borderland Season 3: Explored the Cast and Their Engaging Characters!

Alice in Borderland Season 3 Cast

A fascinating sci-fi thriller series from Japan called “Alice in Borderland” made its Netflix debut. The show’s captivating storyline quickly gained popularity throughout the globe and drew people in. Alice in Borderland Season 3: Explored the Cast and Their Engaging Characters!

Following its popularity, it became a K-drama hit, and in December 2022, a similarly intense second season was produced. Face Cards like the King of Spades, King of Clubs, Queen of Diamonds, and others are highlighted in Season 2.

The ten competitors who emerged victorious from the first season’s finale are back, but they’ll also be competing against some new faces in the upcoming season. Get to know the newest characters of Season 2 before delving into yet another graphic chapter.

Alice in Borderland Season 3 Cast: Who Would Return?

Alice in Borderland Season Cast

If Alice in Borderland Season 3 is renewed, Alice could be able to bring back much of the cast. Following a wild Season 2 ending and unexpected reunions, the following actors are anticipated to return for Season 3:

1. Kento Yamazaki as Ryōhei Arisu

Starring in Alice in Borderland as Ryōhei Arisu, the main character, is Kento Yamaz. The official series trailer features Yamazaki looking amazing, capturing the many nuanced facets of his character with remarkable ease. In the next season, fans may anticipate a strong performance from the actor.

Kento Yamazaki has starred in a number of television series in addition to Alice in Borderland, including Kiss That Kills, A Girl & Three Sweethearts, and Water Polo Yankees. Among his many film credits are Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku and A Forest of Wool and Steel.

2. Tao Tsuchiya as Yuzuha Usagi

In the newest season of the science fiction series on Netflix, Tao Tsuchiya plays Yuzuha Usagi. Tsuchiya promises to have just as much influence this season as she did last, looking just as stunning in the teaser for the program.

What to Do with the Dead Kaiju? and the 8-Year Engagement are among Tao Tsuchiya’s other acting credits. Leap! A couple of them are Food Luck and The Heroes Behind the Gold.

3. Nijirō Murakami as Shuntarō Chishiya

Shuntarō Chishiya is portrayed by Nijirō Murakami in Alice in Borderland. Murakami’s persona is renowned for being a cunning and astute player who becomes entangled with Arisu and Usagi via a sequence of circumstances.

Critics gave his performance in the first generally favorable reviews. For his roles in Come Come Everybody, Still the Water, and Baragaki: Unbroken Samurai, among other films, Murakami is well-known.

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4. Aya Asahina as Kuina

One of the former Beach residents, Kuina is a skilled fighter who stole several scenes in Season 1 and won over fans. She learned martial arts from her father as a child before coming to Borderland, but she ran away from home after he disowned her due to her gender identity.

She and Chishiya are great friends, and she is immediately taken aback by Arisu. Aya Asahina, a 29-year-old model and TV personality, debuted as an actor in the Amazon series Tokyo Alice in 2017. Since then, she has starred in AiB as well as the television series Runway 24 and Girl Gun Lady.

5. Yutaro Watanabe as Tatta

Benevolent in The First Game of Season 1, Tatta meets Arisu for the first time and is saved by her; they later meet again at the Beach. By the end of Season 1, we still don’t know Tatta’s past, but he showed signs of courage throughout the episodes, participating more in the Ten of Hearts game after first freezing up.

The 28-year-old Yutaro Watanabe made his acting debut in 2014 and has since primarily had supporting roles in movies such as 2020’s Stare, the 2017 series A Female Factory Owner, and the 2015 picture The Werewolf Game: Prison Break. In 2021, he starred in Aoiuso: After School of Confession, another Japanese series based around a death game.

6. Ayaka Miyoshi as An

An was a part of the administrative team at the Beach before, where she assisted the residents by using her calm demeanor and critical thinking abilities. Ayaka Miyoshi is one of the many fierce ladies on the show and a former Tokyo police forensic scientist.

She began her acting career as a child and has since acted in many plays and movies. Her most recent roles have been in the drama Angel Heart (2015), the comedy Dance with Me (2019), and the movie Howling Village (2020).

7. Yuri Tsunematsu as Heiya

Another new participant for Season 3, Heiya is a skilled archer and a feisty warrior. The 24-year-old Yuri Tsunematsu began her career as a young actor and has since starred in several dramas and films. Her most recent endeavors are the motion pictures He Won’t Kill, She Won’t Die (2019), Wife of a Spy (2020), The Travel Nurse (2022) drama, and Kisaragi Station (2022).



The anticipation for “Alice in Borderland” Season 2 is building, with familiar faces returning to continue the intense games and intriguing plot. Kento Yamazaki, Tao Tsuchiya, Nijirō Murakami, Aya Asahina, Yutaro Watanabe, and Ayaka Miyoshi are set to deliver captivating performances in the upcoming season. Get ready for another thrilling chapter in this sci-fi thriller series!

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