Shruti Haasan Transformation: Actress Opens Up on Getting Plastic Surgery!

Shruti Haasan Transformation

Shruti Haasan comes from a film family, born to Kamal Haasan and Sarika Thakur. She has been in Bollywood movies like Rocky Handsome, Welcome Back, The Power, Behen Hogi Teri, Ramaiya Vastavaiya, Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji, and more. But she is more famous in the Telugu and Tamil industries.

Actress Shruti Haasan often gets made fun of because she had surgery to make her lips bigger. But now, the bold actress has made it clear that she does not deny going under the knife. She talked about not only getting plastic surgery, but also how important it is, to be honest about it: “I’m happy to say this is my life, my face, and yes, I’ve had plastic surgery, which I’m not ashamed to accept.

At the moment, Shritu is getting ready to share her works Salaar and The Eye. When it comes to how Shruti Haasan’s looks have changed, she seems unrecognizable. If you want to know more about Shruti Haasan’s looks before and after, here is what we know.

Shruti Haasan’s Looks Before and After: Did She Have Plastic Surgery?

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So, Shruti Haasan has always been stylish and beautiful. Isn’t it? Even when she first started out in the movie business, her pretty face was enough to win everyone’s hearts. But who wouldn’t like to be the best? Everyone tries, especially if they are in the acting business.

There is competition in everything, whether it’s playing skills or looks. In terms of how she looked before and after, Shruti Haasan has said that she had a nose job done. In other words, she has publicly said that she had plastic surgery. No, she didn’t promote it, but she did protect her right to do so since it’s her face.

Shruti seemed to be brave enough and did not care what people thought of her. When asked, Shruti Haasan said that her nose had been broken before and was different from the original. People thought that Shruti’s reason for a deviated septum was just an excuse for her first performance.

Shruti Haasan Transformation

So, Shruti Haasan got plastic surgery to make it look more glamorous and beautiful, and she didn’t hide the fact that she did. On this point, she said, “It was a personal choice. No one asked me to fix it.” After all, it is her face. She had more confidence.

Career Shruti Hassan

When she made her first public showing, she was only six years old. Shruti’s first song was in the movie “Tevar Magan,” which her father directed and for which she sang her first song. The voice of little Shruti was also used in the movie “Aunty 420,” which was directed by Shruti’s father.

You might be wondering if Shruti’s singing career took off after she moved to California to go to school and if she was good at it, why on earth would she want to try her hand at acting? Now, let us tell you that Shruti had the chance to be in a small part of a movie that her father made.

Shruti Haasan Transformation

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After this, Shruti felt a spark inside her that made her want to act. Let us know that Shruti Haasan made her start in Bollywood with the movie Luck, which starred Imran Khan. In this way, the film was Shruti Haasan’s first part in Bollywood. Even though her movie didn’t do well at the box office, Shruti is still seen as one of the biggest names in Kollywood.