Christina Aguilera Weight Loss – Here’s How Aguilera Shows Off Her Curvy Body!

Christina Aguilera Weight Loss

After years of combating criticism, Christina Aguilera is embracing her curvy physique and revealing the secret to her 40-pound weight loss.

The music icon has disclosed that a healthy, well-balanced diet and a rigorous exercise regimen have contributed to her weight loss. Aguilera’s weight gain after the delivery of her son Max and throughout her divorce in 2010 has garnered criticism.

Christina Aguilera Shows Off Her Curvy Body

Aguilera recently debuted her residency at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas’s Voltaire with an electrifying performance. Throughout the performance, the singer donned numerous figure-hugging garments to flaunt her incredible figure. A standout ensemble comprised of a caped high-slit dress paired with a blue and silver bodysuit that displayed her curves and thighs.

Having shed approximately 40 pounds in recent years, Aguilera has discussed in several interviews how she has come to accept her body. The 43-year-old singer reportedly told Health Magazine (via the Daily Mail) that she “hated being extremely thin” but has since come to appreciate her “new curves.”


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Aguilera stated that after years of vacillating between a slimmer and larger physique, she has attained a robust, slender physique while “having a booty.” The “Candyman” singer disclosed that the secret to her success is an extremely rigorous fitness regimen and a well-balanced diet.

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She Has Received Heavy Criticism Regarding Her Body

Aguilera’s erratic weight has drawn a lot of attention from the media and fans throughout the years. The singer acquired a lot of weight while pregnant with her son Max in 2008, which sparked a lot of criticism from the media.

Following the birth of her kid, Aguilera used the notorious Rainbow diet to reduce her daily calorie intake to 1600 and shed 40 pounds. This indicates that the singer mostly consumes plant-based diets and includes colorful fruits and vegetables in her dishes.

Christina Aguilera Weight Loss

When Aguilera began training for her part in the 2010 smash movie “Burlesque,” two years later, she began to lose weight once more. A few months later, she experienced another bout of weight gain as a result of her emotional suffering following her divorce from music composer Jordan Bratman.

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Aguilera stated in an interview with L’Officiel Italia in 2020 that she no longer dies and but merely makes an effort to eat healthfully. The singer of “Lady Marmalade” is now all about eating Whole Foods and cutting out any sugar-filled snacks from her diet.

Aguilera Maintains an Active Lifestyle and Maintains a Trainer

In addition to adhering to a nutritious dietary regimen, Aguilera has disclosed that she engages in a diverse range of physical activities as part of her fitness regimen. Boxing, yoga, strength training, and cardio exercises performed four to five times per week are incorporated into her regimen to tone her physique.

In addition to working with celebrity fitness coach Tee Sorge, who assists Aguilera with weightlifting and cardio, the actress has maintained her curvaceous physique despite experiencing weight loss and gain.

Sorge was interviewed by Glamour Magazine in 2008 regarding Aguilera’s fitness regimen alongside him. He disclosed that she continued to exercise “until she was eight months pregnant, and then resumed a few months later” following the delivery of Max.

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