Tami Roman Sick- What Sickness Is She Going Through? Find Out

Tami Roman is a multidimensional personality who has made an impact on reality television and beyond. Roman has captured audiences and established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment business with her charming personality, uncensored honesty, and unquestionable skill. Roman’s career is a monument to her perseverance, determination, and capacity to reinvent herself, from her early days on “The Real World” to her successful efforts in acting and entrepreneurship.

Her sincerity, boldness, and commitment to making a difference have propelled her to the forefront of the entertainment world. As Roman continues to explore new possibilities and push boundaries, her influence will undoubtedly survive, establishing a lasting legacy in the entertainment industry. Let’s Have a look at her career from the beginning.

Tami Roman Sick

Tami Roman SickIn a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, reality star Tami Roman opened up about her personal struggles with body dysmorphic disorder, shedding light on a condition that affects many individuals silently. While discussing her latest project, VH1’s “Unfaithful: Caught in the Act,” Roman’s candid discussion about her battle with body dysmorphic disorder struck a chord with fans and listeners.

Roman bravely shared that every day is a challenge for her due to her disorder.
She revealed that she has a distorted perception of her body, finding satisfaction in seeing her clavicle and bones, even though others might view it as a cause for concern. It wasn’t until 2008 that Roman was officially diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder, a revelation that brought clarity to her lifelong struggles. Relating to her illness she said-
“Every day is a challenge. If I see my clavicle and I see bones that’s great to me but to you, you’d be like, Tammy, you need to eat something. I have body dysmorphic disorder. I didn’t realize that I had it for most of my life until I was diagnosed with it in 2008 ”

Tami Roman’s Rise To Fame

Tami Roman Sick

Tami Roman, who was born on April 17, 1970, in Mount Vernon, New York, first earned national notoriety when she starred in the second season of the trailblazing reality TV series “The Real World: Los Angeles” in 1993. Roman stood out among the cast members due to her outspoken personality and desire to face tough themes. Her appearance on the program not only cemented her position in reality TV history but also established the groundwork for her future pursuits.

Career Highlights Of Tami Roman

Following her appearance on “The Real World,” Roman continued to make waves in the reality television industry. She became a fan favorite on the VH1 show “Basketball Wives,” where she bravely disclosed details about her personal life and beliefs to viewers. Roman’s sincerity and relatability drew her to viewers, and she swiftly established herself as one of the show’s most memorable and important cast members.
While reality television propelled Roman to fame, she has also dabbled in other aspects of the entertainment business. She has demonstrated her acting abilities in a variety of television episodes and films, demonstrating her flexibility as a performer. Roman has been in popular programs such as “The Parkers,” “Married… with Children,” and “Belle’s,” showcasing her ability to give her characters depth and authenticity.
Roman has achieved success as a businesswoman in addition to her acting profession. TR Love Cosmetics, her own line of beauty and skincare products, provides a variety of high-quality and cheap goods. Roman’s entrepreneurial passion and financial ability have enabled her to broaden her brand and engage more deeply with her followers.


Tami Roman’s transformation from reality TV star to versatile artist demonstrates her brilliance, tenacity, and ability to connect with audiences. Roman has continually proved her capacity to fascinate and inspire, from her early days on “The Real World” to her efforts in acting and entrepreneurship.