Patrick Crusius Net Worth: The Controversial Figure’s Financial Status!

patrick crusius net worth

Patrick Crusius is a name that gained notoriety for a tragic and horrific event—the 2019 El Paso shooting. This event, where Crusius opened fire in a Walmart, claimed the lives of 23 people and injured many others. In this article, we will take a closer look at Patrick Crusius’s net worth, how he funded his life, and the legal implications that followed his actions.

Patrick Crusius’s Early Life

Patrick Crusius was born on July 11, 1998, in Allen, Texas, USA. He grew up in a relatively ordinary family in the suburbs of Dallas. Little is known about his early life, education, or family background, as he mostly remained out of the public eye until the tragic events of August 3, 2019.

Patrick Crusius’s Net Worth

patrick crusius net worth

Before the El Paso shooting, Patrick Crusius led a relatively unremarkable life. He had no significant online presence or public records to suggest he was involved in any lucrative ventures. It is important to note that Crusius was only 21 years old at the time of the shooting, and he had not yet entered the workforce or established any substantial financial assets.

It is safe to assume that Patrick Crusius did not possess a notable net worth or significant financial resources prior to the shooting. Like many individuals his age, he likely had minimal savings and financial independence.

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Funding the Tragedy

patrick crusius net worth

In the aftermath of the El Paso shooting, investigators delved into Patrick Crusius’s background to understand how he funded his actions. He was apprehended by law enforcement shortly after the attack and did not flee the scene. Crusius’s motives for the shooting appeared to be racially motivated, as he left behind a manifesto expressing his hatred for Hispanic immigrants and his desire to prevent a “Hispanic invasion” of Texas.

Crusius’s methods of funding the attack were relatively straightforward. He used a legally purchased semi-automatic rifle, the AK-47-style WASR-10, which was the primary weapon used in the shooting. The cost of the rifle was approximately $600 to $700, and he obtained it legally in Texas, where gun laws are relatively permissive.

In addition to the rifle, Crusius also purchased the ammunition used in the attack, which included multiple high-capacity magazines. The total cost of the ammunition and accessories likely amounted to a few hundred dollars.

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A Financial Compromise

patrick crusius net worth

On September 25, 2023, recent developments in this tragic saga took place. In an effort to provide some form of restitution, Crusius consented to pay over $5 million to the families of his victims as part of a substantial financial settlement. This agreement, while not compensating for the irreparable loss, is an acknowledgment of the severity of the suffering caused.

The Present Position of Crusius

Patrick Crusius is currently incarcerated, serving out his 90 consecutive life sentences for his hate offenses. While the anguish and trauma he inflicted on countless families can never be fully repaired, the swift action of the legal system provides some consolation. The story of Crusius serves as a disturbing reminder of the pervasiveness of prejudice and the devastation it can cause.


Patrick Crusius’s name will forever be associated with the tragic 2019 El Paso shooting, a horrific event that left a lasting scar on the lives of many. Born into an ordinary family, Crusius had no significant financial assets or notable net worth before the attack. The tragedy, fueled by hate, was funded through legal purchases of firearms and ammunition. Crusius is now serving 90 consecutive life sentences, with a recent financial settlement of over $5 million providing some acknowledgment of the pain he caused to his victims’ families. This devastating event serves as a haunting reminder of the impact of hatred and prejudice in society.