Kirk Hammett’s Net Worth: Turning Guitar Licks into Millions!

Kirk Hammett is, without a doubt, one of the rock music industry’s most legendary figures. Hammett has not only left an indelible mark on the music industry as the lead guitarist of the legendary band Metallica, but he has also accumulated an impressive fortune along the way. From his early days to his current status as a guitar virtuoso, let’s explore Kirk Hammett’s financial trajectory.

Kirk Hammett’s Net Worth

Kirk Hammett’s extraordinary talent has resulted in an astounding $200 million net worth, which he attributes to his guitar prowess. His contributions to the world of music as the main guitarist for Metallica have earned him not only fame but also a substantial fortune.

Early Life

kirk hammett net worth

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Kirk Hammett was born on November 18, 1962, in San Francisco. He was reared in the California town of El Sobrante. His mother is of Filipino ancestry, and his father had German, Irish, English, and Scottish ancestry. He attended high school in Richmond, California, directly across the water from San Francisco, at De Anza High School. His classmate at De Anza High School was future Primus founding member Les Claypool. Kirk and Les were classmates and remain close friends to this day.

His elder brother Rick’s music collection, which included albums by Led Zeppelin, UFO, and Jimi Hendrix, among others, introduced him to music. At age 15, he first took up a guitar.

In 1979, when he was 16 years old, he founded the thrash metal band Exodus. Kirk remained in Exodus through 1983. Also during this time, Kirk began private guitar lessons with Joe Satriani, a fellow Bay Area musician and future guitar god.

Personal Facts

kirk hammett net worth

Kirk has had two marriages. Since 1998, he has been married to his current wife, Lani. They are the parents of two sons.

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Real Estate

Kirk owns (and has owned) a number of prestigious residences, predominantly in the San Francisco region.

In 1993, Kirk spent $2.56 million on a sizable mansion in the affluent San Francisco neighborhood of Pacific Heights. The 1899-built, 10,000-square-foot home features eight bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a recreation room, a music studio, and a wine cellar with 2,000 bottles. In 2006, Kirk attempted to sell the home for $12.5 million but was unsuccessful. In December 2009, it was ultimately sold for $7.6 million. Here is a video tour of the former Pacific Heights, San Francisco residence of Kirk Hammet:

In 2005, Kirk purchased a property in the ultra-luxurious San Francisco neighborhood of Sea Cliff for $5,7 million. In 2010, he purchased the residence next door for $8 million with the intent of constructing a mini-compound. These plans never materialized, so he ultimately listed both properties for sale. In March of 2018, he sold his original property for $12.8 million. In February of 2019, he sold the second residence for $11.7 million. The total profit is $10.8 million.

The documentary “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster” reveals that Kirk also owns a hacienda located somewhere north of San Francisco. The ranch is owned by a trust, and its exact location is difficult to pinpoint.