Kaitlin Armstrong Plastic Surgery: A Closer Look at the Transformation!

kaitlin armstrong plastic surgery

Kaitlin Armstrong, a rising star in the world of entertainment, has been making headlines recently for her striking transformation. Her fans and followers have been buzzing about the changes in her appearance, leading to speculations about potential plastic surgery. In this article, we’ll delve into Kaitlin Armstrong’s journey and investigate whether the rumors of her undergoing plastic surgery hold any truth.

Kaitlin Armstrong Plastic Surgery

kaitlin armstrong plastic surgery

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Thus, Kaitlin Armstrong underwent cosmetic surgery! And it is causing an excessive amount of commotion on the Internet, which is quite preposterous without the proper context. Many would question why the plastic surgery of a homicide suspect is so intriguing.

On June 29, Kaitlin Armstrong, a fugitive in a homicide case out of Texas, was apprehended in Costa Rica, for the entire context. Suspected of committing the heinous murder of professional cyclist Moriah Wilson, she allegedly fled in an attempt to evade apprehension following the act, which was motivated by romantic envy towards her partner Colin Strickland. The yoga instructor was apprehended in a hostel on Santa Teresa Beach in the Provincia de Puntarenas following a 43-day run.

A plan to go off the grid was reportedly meticulously planned by Kaitlin Armstrong, according to the authorities. They disclosed that she had flown from Newark, New Jersey to San Jose, Costa Rica on May 18 using a “fraudulent passport.” Furthermore, numerous reports surfaced shortly after her apprehension, asserting that she had undergone plastic surgery.

Everyone immediately came to the conclusion that Kaitlin Armstrong had endured plastic surgery to alter her appearance so as to elude police capture. The visual alteration, according to Deputy US Marshal Brandon Filla, was that she had undergone bruises beneath her eyes and had darkened her shoulder-length strawberry-blonde hair to a dark brown hue. Additionally, she exhibited sutures on her nose.

While Kaitlin Armstrong’s alteration in appearance does not immediately suggest plastic surgery (hair-dying does not necessarily imply surgery, bandages could indicate that she was injured, and bruises under her eyes were reportedly the result of a surfboarding accident), she appeared to have attempted to alter her appearance.

It is not inconceivable that she would have undoubtedly undergone cosmetic surgery at a later time if she had not been apprehended. Furthermore, the bandages may have been applied as a postoperative recovery measure following plastic surgery on her nose.

However, it is also plausible that her marginal alteration was inadvertently caused by the shift in her surroundings and had nothing to do with plastic surgery. As Filla put it,

That physical appearance changed slightly. Would it have changed more as she started to create that, you know, type of foundation for herself there in Costa Rica? Possibly.

Thus, it is possible that the rumors circulating regarding Kaitlin Armstrong undergoing plastic surgery in response to the minimal changes in her facial features were not accurate.

Kaitlin Armstrong’s Recent Involvement in Cyclist Moriah Wilson’s Fate

kaitlin armstrong plastic surgery

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Kaitlin Armstrong, the woman suspected of murdering professional cyclist Moriah Wilson out of jealousy over her fiancé Colin Strickland, was apprehended in Costa Rica after an extensive manhunt spanning 43 days. The Austin police issued a murder warrant for Armstrong more than six weeks prior to her apprehension.

It was hypothesized that she was attempting to establish a fresh existence for herself in Costa Rica. She was residing in a hostel to stretch her savings and attend yoga classes in an effort to “improve her career prospects by teaching a specific type of yoga” that was associated with surfboarding.

Kaitlin Armstrong, whose ‘plastic surgery’ failed to prevent her from evading the police, will be deported and returned to the United States, where she will face first-degree murder charges, according to the authorities. She is presently in the custody of the Costa Rican police. She had been evading apprehension by the Austin, Texas police since May 11, following the fatal gunshot of Moriah Wilson.

At 10 p.m. on May 11, Moriah Wilson was discovered at a friend’s residence covered in gunfire wounds. She was subsequently pronounced deceased. Ahead of a competition, she was in Texas and staying at a friend’s residence. Kaitlin had just returned home from an evening out with her beau, another professional cyclist named Colin Strickland.

Armstrong’s SUV appeared outside the location shortly after the surveillance video captured Colin Strickland dropping Moriah Wilson. The Austin police questioned her the following day in connection with the homicide investigation, but she was released due to a discrepancy in their computer system with her date of birth, despite her inability to provide an explanation for why her vehicle was in that location.

For the homicide of Moriah Wilson, a homicide warrant was issued in her name on May 17. However, it was essentially too late by that time, as Kaitlin Armstrong had already escaped the location. One day later, on May 18, she was observed at the Liberty Airport in Newark, prior to the decomposition of that trace.

Videos captured by surveillance equipment also revealed that she had departed Austin for Houston and subsequently New York on May 14. The authorities suspected that she was traveling under an alias at the time. It was subsequently revealed that she had visited an upstate New York yoga retreat, where her sister-in-distinguishment is employed.

After 43 days of searching for Kaitlin Armstrong, she was apprehended by US Marshals, in collaboration with local authorities, the Department of State Diplomatic Security Service, and Homeland Security Investigations, at a hostel in Costa Rica.

It was postulated that she acquired the funds necessary for her escape by selling her black Jeep Grand Cherokee to an Austin car dealer for $12,200, despite the vehicle’s comparable market value approaching $30,000.


Kaitlin Armstrong’s arrest in Costa Rica, following a 43-day manhunt, brought an end to the extensive search for the woman suspected of fatally shooting professional cyclist Moriah Wilson out of jealousy over her fiancé, Colin Strickland. The case involved rumors of plastic surgery, but her capture and imminent deportation will lead to her facing first-degree murder charges in the United States. Armstrong is currently in Costa Rican custody, and the details of her alleged involvement in the homicide have been clarified.