What Was Joey Jordison Cause of Death? How Did Slipknot Founding Drummer Died?

Joey Jordison Cause of Death

Jordison was an American musician who played the drums from the beginning, played guitar for the horror punk ensemble Murderdolls, and co-founded the heavy metal outfit Slipknot. Steve and Jackie Jordison were his parents’ names. His two younger sisters were. Outside of Waukee, in a rural area, he was born and raised.

He started his first band while still in elementary school and continued to play the guitar until he was eight years old and received his first drum set as a gift from his parents. He and his two sisters lived with his mother following the divorce of his parents. In such a circumstance, he started a band called Modifidious in which he played the drums.

Additionally, this band assisted him in breaking new territory by supporting live performances by local bands like Atomic Opera, which featured Jim Root, and Heads on the Wall. On the advice of a friend, he accepted a position in 1994 at an Urbandale Sinclair garage. Here, while his friends were working the night shift, he was listening to music.

What was Joey Jordison’s Cause Of Death?

Joey Jordison Cause of Death

Unknown to authorities, Joey Jordison died while resting in his house. He was discovered at his home by Amanda Victoria, his ex-girlfriend and the person in charge of his affairs. She went to check on him after hearing nothing from his family for several days and discovered that he had passed away.

Joey was reportedly referred to by her as a “bad alcoholic with some other health issues.” Acute transverse myelitis, an ailment he battled during the 2010s, has been linked to it, according to several of his followers. They also believed that Joey Jordison’s cause of death was transverse myelitis.

When Slipknot revealed that Jordison had quit the group in 2013, there was a disagreement between Joey and the band. The illness, according to the National Institute of Health, is characterized by spinal cord inflammation that may obstruct central nervous system signals throughout the body.

Joey Jordison Cause of Death

Result In paralysis, limb weakness, and other problems. Numerous theories regarding the cause of Slipknot Joey Jordison’s death have been put forth. The cause of Joey Jordison’s death, who played drums for Slipknot, is unknown.

He was discovered dead in his home on July 26, 2021. An unidentified site hosted the funeral for Joey Jordison. Now that you are aware of the cause of death for Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, let’s discuss his career.

How Did Joey Jordinson Pass Away?

The statement stated, “Joey’s death has left us with empty hearts and feelings of indescribable sorrow.” Those who knew Joey appreciated his sharp wit, his kind nature, his enormous heart, and his passion for music and all things related to the family.

Joey Jordison Cause of Death

In this extremely difficult time, the family of Joey has asked that friends, admirers, and the media rightly respect our need for solitude and quiet. There was no mention of a specific cause of death. The statement continues,

“The family of Joey has requested that friends, supporters, and the media understandably respect our need for solitude and tranquility at this terribly difficult time. “The family will hold a private funeral service and asks that the public and media respect their wishes,” the statement reads.