Is Pauly Shore Gay? Separating Fact from Fiction!

Pauly Shore, whose name is synonymous with 1990s comedy, has amused audiences for decades with his distinctive brand of wit. Shore’s career has seen both highs and lows despite his notoriety for eccentric characters and spontaneous wit. In recent years, rumors and speculation regarding his personal life, including his sexual orientation, have garnered considerable attention. This article will investigate whether Pauly Shore is homosexual.

Is Pauly Shore Gay?

is pauly shore gay

We are currently aware that Pauly is not gay. He has not yet confirmed the rumors that he is a politician. Given his dating history and the number of women he has dated in the past, it is difficult to believe the allegations.

We will continue to believe that the Hollywood actor is straight until he confirms the rumors and speculation that he is homosexual.

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How Did Pauly Shore’s Gay Rumor Start?

is pauly shore gay

Interestingly, Pauly Shore himself began the rumor that he was homosexual. Yes, you heard correctly. Prior to his statement, no one questioned the lady’s man’s sexual orientation. However, when he made his statement, many were uncertain whether it was a jest or something to be taken seriously.

In 2017, Pauly Shore posted on his Facebook and Twitter profiles about being gay and asked for first responders, sparking the rumor. Fans did not know how to interpret this.

Since he is a comedian, they did not know whether to take it seriously or as one of his pranks. As there was no evidence to suggest that he was sincere, it was concluded that he was engaging in an attention-getting stunt.

Given that it was not the first time he had executed such a stunt, it was not hard to believe that his career was struggling at the time. In 2003, the actor was forced to fake his demise in the film Pauly Shore Is Dead in order to save his career.

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Pauly Shore’s Girlfriend and Ex-Girlfriends

is pauly shore gay

According to reports, the actor is currently dating Alex Noble. The report indicates that the couple has been together since 2014. According to this report, they have been together for approximately eight years.

However, the veracity of this report is questionable, as the actor and comedian was observed on Miami Beach with a much younger woman in a public display of affection in 2015.

There is presently no information available about her, including who she is, what she does for a living, and how they met. Pauly has previously dated a variety of women, spanning from fellow comedians to actors. According to the allegation, he dated approximately twelve different women before Alex Noble.

Although we do not have a complete list of all the women the actor has played, the following are the ones we are aware of:

Jill St. Marks

In 1991, the actor reportedly dated the American model Jill St. Marks. The specifics of their relationship, including where and how they met, how long they dated, and the reason for their breakup, are unknown.

Shannon Wilsey

This was the actor’s first acknowledged relationship with the public. Shannon, also known as Savannah, is a well-known pornographic actress who has appeared in over 100 films throughout her career. She committed suicide in 1994 following an accident that left her visage disfigured.

The relationship concluded after her tragic passing. There are no details regarding how they met or how long they were together prior to her tragic death.

Kylie Minogue

The actor dated Australian vocalist, songwriter, and actress Kylie Minogue during that time. On the set of his film Biodome, they met. Pauly recalls that when they met for the first time, neither of them knew who the other was, but they instantly connected. It is unknown how long their relationship endured, but it is assumed that it was brief and ended badly.

Kylie considers Biodome, which performed as anticipated at the box office, to be the worst error of her acting career. Pauly has dated a number of other women, including Deborah Laufer(1988), Tiffani Thiessen (1900), Midori, Jewel De’Nyle (2002), Kina Tavarozi, and others, whose relationships are unknown.


Pauly Shore, known for his comedic prowess, has addressed the rumors surrounding his sexual orientation. Contrary to speculation, he is not gay, and his dating history reflects his relationships with women. While he once sparked a rumor about being gay in a social media post, it was likely a jest or a publicity stunt. Pauly has been involved with several women, including famous figures like Kylie Minogue, dispelling any doubts about his sexual orientation. The actor and comedian’s love life has seen its share of ups and downs, but his relationships with women have been evident throughout his career.