Is Patrick Cantlay Married? Know the Truth About Golfer Relationship Status!

Patrick Cantlay is a pro golfer from the United States. He was the top golfer in the World Amateur Golf Ranking for 55 weeks throughout his brilliant amateur career. In addition to the 2021 FedEx Cup, he has won eight times on the PGA Tour. He is a part of the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame’s 2022 class.

Since he was a young child, he had a passion for golf. He just had two years old when he began training. By the age of 16, Cantlay’s skill had bloomed. Among young golfers around the country, he was unbeatable. Cantlay went to UCLA to play golf in college after graduating from high school.

Cantlay was the youngest golfer in PGA Tour history to shoot a second-round 60 at the 2011 Travelers Championship. He was named Pac-10 Freshman of the Year in 2010. It describes how he lived in his early years, but now that we are learning about him Patrick Cantlay is a married man.

Is Patrick Cantlay Married?

Patrick Cantlay, a well-known golfer, has found the perfect partner in Nikki Guidish. Since they first made their romance public at the Memorial Tournament in 2021, it has attracted attention. Guidish, who is engaged to Cantlay, has made a big impression at golf outings and PGA events by fervently supporting her fiancé.

The couple’s relationship was further cemented when Guidish and Cantlay got engaged in September 2022 while visiting Napa, California. She posted the happy news on Instagram along with a picture of the two of them wearing her new engagement ring and a brief but heartfelt comment.

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Patrick Cantlay and Nikki Guidish’s First Meeting

As the couple initially did not want to disclose all the details to the public, the exact moment Nikki Guidish and her partner Patrick Cantlay first met has remained a mystery to this day. Accordingly, the 2021 Memorial Tournament, which was held at Jack Nicklaus’ Muirfield Village and in which Patrick won, was the first event where fans of the professional golfer learned about their liaison.

Is Patrick Cantlay Married

They made their Instagram relationship public in June 2021 by posting pictures of themselves together and announcing their relationship to the world. Since that time, the couple doesn’t seem to be afraid of having their relationship in the spotlight of the media and the general public.

Patrick and Nikki Aren’t Really Married

They have not yet exchanged wedding vows. According to the documents, Nikki Guidish lives in Jupiter, Florida, but her significant other, Patrick, chose to live in North Palm Beach, which is in another region of Florida. Although they both live in Florida, the couple has opted not to live together, proving that they are not married.

Guidish is much more than just the professional golfer’s wife; even though the two haven’t exchanged vows, she is fully behind Patrick. She was present in Atlanta when he won the $15 million FedEx Cup in a thrilling finish.

Nikki, who was present at the time, raced onto the field to seal the victory with a kiss. Before posting numerous images on Instagram in support of her partner, Nikki couldn’t wait for the following day to arrive.

Who is Nikki Guidish?

Nikki Guidish gets a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) from the University of South Florida. She started her career in pharmacy by working for Publix before taking the position of pharmacist in charge at Palm Beach Pharmaceuticals. Guidish worked as a fitness model for Tony Little items on HSN before beginning her pharmacy career.

In 2021, Guidish shared images of Cantlay and them at the Memorial Tournament on social media, formally announcing the couple’s relationship. They got married in September 2022 after Cantlay popped the question to Guidish in Napa, California, wearing a stunning diamond ring.

Is Patrick Cantlay Married

Guides, Cantlay’s staunchest ally, has been spotted cheering on his triumphs, including the FedEx Cup and the Tour Championship in 2021. She happily shows her support at numerous golf competitions, and she attended the 2022 Presidents Cup.