Is Kyrie Barnes Dead? Unveiling Tragic Demise of 7 Years Old Boy!

Is Kyrie Barnes Dead

Kyrie Barnes, a young child from Dallas who was 7 years old, tragically passed away after being shot while he slept in his apartment. Around 9:30 p.m. on a Sunday night, the incident took place. The apartment building near Rothington Road, close to Interstate 30 and Buckner Boulevard, has a second-story window that allowed a bullet to enter his room.

Kyrie Barnes, who was first said to be 8 years old, passed away on Wednesday from his wounds. His family posted his picture in the hopes that it would encourage anyone with information about the shooting to come forward in an effort to learn more about it.

During the incident, witnesses in the area reported hearing both fireworks and gunfire. After the fireworks, neighbors reported hearing multiple gunfire, which caused them to seek cover with their own kids to protect them. Tell us about Kyrie Barnes’s situation. Kyrie Barnes: Is He Dead?

Kyrie Barnes: Is He Dead?

Yes, Kyrie Barnes has died. Social media sites, especially TikTok, have been the source of reports regarding the “Corn Kid’s” supposed demise. It’s crucial to make it clear that the Corn Kid is still alive and healthy and that the reports are untrue.

Is Kyrie Barnes Dead

The misunderstanding appears to have resulted from a social media post that featured a fake image of a news article reporting that the Corn Kid had been discovered dead in a shooting earlier in the month. Many people were misled by the post, which was written to appear authentic, into thinking that the Corn Kid was a victim of gun violence.

It’s important to realize that these reports are false, and the Corn Kid himself has attested to the fact that he is really alive, well, and content. It’s important to note that the Corn Kid has experienced death hoaxes before. Similar reports about his demise were spread online about a year ago.

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What Happened To Kyrie Barnes?

Kyrie Barnes, a 7-year-old Dallas child, unfortunately, perished on July 2 after being shot and killed while lying in bed. He was in bed with his mother when the incident happened when a gunshot broke through the wall of his apartment on the second floor.

Is Kyrie Barnes Dead

On July 5, Kyrie went dead due to his wounds despite efforts to save him. No arrests have been made as of yet, and the Dallas police are still looking for and trying to capture the gunman. Sadly, in the midst of this tragic event, a terrible hoax spread online, erroneously claiming that Kyrie Barnes,

the child shooting victim, was the same person as the “Corn Kid,” the subject of a popular viral video. This false association first appeared on TikTok, where some users mistook connected Kyrie to the “Corn Kid” video. The fraudulent statements were immediately caught on social media platforms.

where they were repeated in multiple posts. It is crucial to underline that these statements are unfounded and merely spread uncertainty and more pain at a time when Kyrie’s family and the community are already going through a terrible moment.

Is Kyrie Barnes Dead

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Apprehending the shooter and bringing Kyrie Barnes to justice are the top priorities for the authorities and law enforcement. In such trying circumstances, it is essential to rely on verifiable information from trustworthy sources to ensure accuracy and respect for the victim’s family.