Is Ginger Zee Pregnant? Decoding the Pregnancy Rumblings!

is ginger zee pregnant

In the ever-changing entertainment industry, the lives of our beloved celebrities are constantly scrutinized. Ginger Zee, a ubiquitous face in the fields of meteorology and broadcasting, is one such beloved figure. As rumors circulate and whispers grow louder, Ginger Zee’s fans ponder if she is pregnant.

Is Ginger Zee Pregnant in 2023?

is ginger zee pregnant

Ginger Zee is not pregnant as of 2023. Ginger has not publicly confirmed the claim. It is only a guess at this juncture that she is pregnant. If she is expectant, she will have announced it to others. Ben Aaron, a WNBC reporter, and Ginger Zee became engaged in August 2013. They wed on June 7, 2014, and they now have two children.

In December 2015, Adrian Benjamin Colonomos, their first son, was born in Petoskey, Michigan. On August 14, 2017, during her live weather broadcast, she announced her second pregnancy in the most adorable manner possible. She drew a line around a large circle on the map to resemble a pregnancy bump as she stood next to it.

“About here in the southwestern United States,” she explained, “is where… Then, because I’m pregnant, this area will cast a shadow from my abdomen.”

As the audience and colleagues applauded, she displayed a photo of her son Adrian holding an ultrasound and stated that he was “very excited” to become a big brother. Ginger gave birth to Miles Macklin in February 2018 and named him Miles.

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Is She Planning to Have Another Baby?

is ginger zee pregnant

The 42-year-old author hasn’t stated whether she desires another child, but given her busy schedule as a working mother, we’re assuming she’s not currently considering having a third child.

She did, however, express how fortunate she felt to already have two children. She stated, “Ben and I are so fortunate to have been able to conceive, and we didn’t want to wait too long after Adrian to have another child.”

She originally intended to take a full 12 weeks to recover, but then realized that she had to cut it short in order to promote two books: Natural Disaster, a memoir about her past battle with depression, and her new children’s book, Chasing Helicity.

However, Ginger explained that she is “fine” with pursuing her “personal and professional” goals. In addition, she is maintaining her fitness after her second pregnancy.

In January, she stated, “After having two children, my challenge could be, ‘OK, it’s been nearly a year since I gave birth. I want to regain my physique. However, I am more pragmatic than that. I no longer desire my old physique. I’m now a mother. I desire a better, sturdier physique. I want it to be sturdy, efficient, and healthy, not only for myself but also for my spouse and children.”

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Is Ginger Zee Leaving ‘GMA’?

is ginger zee pregnant

It is quite common for former anchors to return to GMA to step in for the hosts when they are absent due to illness or vacation. Ginger has not announced any plans to quit the program, despite taking a few days off to recover from an illness. In fact, she celebrated a major milestone at ABC, receiving a plaque commemorating a decade of service to the network and to The Walt Disney Company.

In April 2022, she reflected on Instagram, “This is more for all the people who have believed in me, supported me, and given me opportunities.” “My goal was to [sparkle every day] and pass along that sparkle, and I’m not sure if I’ve accomplished that every day, but I’ve come close and can’t wait for what’s next.”