How Many Matildas Are Gay? Love Beyond Labels!

How Many Matildas Are Gay? The Australia Women’s National Football Team has once again topped the charts with a narrative about its players.

The players lining up in the tunnel beneath Parramatta Stadium were scheduled to play yet another friendly match against Spain, as is customary. However, the ‘Secret Rainbow Numbers’ on their jerseys were the most unusual aspect of the situation.

The Matildas’ initiative during the international match garnered widespread attention. This was the first occasion in the history of sports. The decision was based on the fact that the match dates coincided with the 2023 Sydney World Pride.

Continue reading to learn more about the history of the Maltidas and the percentage of homosexual Maltidas.

How Many Maltidas Are Gay?

how many matildas are gay

Nine main team players and three reserves of the Matildas are gay. In the most recent documentary about the players’ lives, a number of Maltidas came out as gay and acknowledged their sexuality. The documentary ‘The World At Our Feet’ begins with the tale of the commander, Sam Kerr. Kerr is filmed preparing eggs for her fiancée, UNSSWNT player Kristie Mewis. The narrative then shifts to Tamerka Tallop, who is depicted with her gorgeous wife, former football player Kristy Yallop, and their adorable daughter.

Ellie Carpenter makes an appearance with her companion, teammate Danielle van de Donk of Lyon. Emily Gielnik of Aston Villa is shown proposing to her longtime companion of the same sex.

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The documentary moved the hearts of individuals all over the globe. Sarah Walsh, the director of women’s football for Football Australia and the face of the 2008 documentary, commented on the latest release and told Optus Sport that she and her wife enjoyed the show.

I was seated next to my wife, and we both noticed how it was incorporated into the show as if it were perfectly normal, and I believe that was its beauty.

In the documentary, players discussed inclusivity and how to create a secure environment for LGBTQIA+ players, coaches, officials, and fans.

“It is always a tremendous honor to wear the Australian jersey, but to wear the rainbow colors — something I’ve always been proud of and passionate about — is truly special.”

The Documentary: Opening Doors for Inclusivity

how many matildas are gay

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This is not the first time that a documentary has been made about Maltidas’ existence. In 2008, ‘Never Say Die’ was released as a second attempt. However, the series gave little attention to the personal lives of the athletes and, according to some fans, ignored their homosexual relationships. There was only one heterosexual relationship featured in the series.

The six-episode Disney+ documentary focuses on queer relationships and attempts to spread the beautiful message of inclusion to the world in 2023. The Maltidas squad’s message is, “Yes, there are many LGBTQ+ community members, but that is not the story.”

This is a major issue in the world of sports, where homophobia has become widespread. Currently, athletes are contesting this restriction.

More than forty LGBTQIA+ footballers participated in the women’s competition in Tokyo and the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France, according to Outsports. In addition, 13% of athletes participating in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand were homosexual or bisexual.

The Rainbow Pride numbers on the back of the jerseys proclaimed that in the Maltidas’ team, no one is left behind and that every LGBTQIA+ person has a place in this world.