Who Is Rachel Hollis Dating Currently? Updates on His Romantic Life!

Rachel Hollis is a well-known American author, motivational speaker, and blogger. Her uplifting messages and inspiring books have captivated audiences. After publishing a contentious TikTok video, she came under fire in 2021, and The New York Times published an article on her called “Girl, Wash Your Timeline.”

It was there that she met her husband and co-founded Chic Events, an event-organizing business. Trent Shelton, The Rachel Hollis podcast, Start Today Morning Show, Rise Together podcast, and Talking Body with Amy Porterfield were all intended to be served straight up on the network.

Fans frequently inquire about her personal life, particularly her current relationship situation, despite the fact that her professional achievements have received widespread recognition. This article dives into Rachel Hollis’ past relationships and looks into her current relationships.

Who Is Rachel Hollis Dating?

The Sources claim that Cez Darke, who first showed up on Rachel Hollis‘ Instagram in July 2021, is her lover. The curly-haired man’s distinguishing features led followers to believe that despite the fact that his face was hidden, it was Cez. A later image, posted in October 2021, offered a better look at the duo and demonstrated their innate affinity.

Their relationship gained a new dimension as a result of this information, which also demonstrated their compatibility and sense of humor. Despite the demands of his job, Darke’s love of adventure and music fits in well with Rachel Hollis’ active way of life.

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Cez Darke: Who Is He?

Cez Darke’s British nationality was revealed by Rachel Hollis in a touching Instagram post honoring his birthday on May 23, 2022. His playful exchange with Hollis, who referred to him as her “second favorite Brit,” was highlighted.

Their relationship gained a new dimension as a result of this revelation, which also demonstrated their capacity for amusement and enjoyment of one another. Cez Darke is a British native who has experience in the music and touring industries.

Who Is Rachel Hollis Dating

He has managed tours for well-known artists like Rita Ora, Shawn Mendes, and Robert Plant. Despite the demands of his career, Darke’s passion for adventure and music fits very well with Rachel Hollis’ fast-paced way of life.

Couple Having Fun and Experiencing Adventure Together

It seems like Rachel Hollis and Cez Darke have a fun and lighthearted relationship. Hollis referred to him as her “second first kiss,” making a subliminal allusion to their relationship. They have a sense of unity and contentment amongst themselves because of their ability to make each other laugh and their love of doing things together.

Cez Darke has supported Rachel Hollis ever since her ex-husband Dave Hollis passed away suddenly in February 2023.Rachel Hollis expressed her astonishment and grief in a message on Instagram, highlighting the devastating gravity of the passing.

History of Rachel Hollis’s Relationships

With her compelling social media presence, Rachel Hollis has gained a sizable following of over 1.5 million fans and admirers during her more than 15 years in the spotlight. She became well-known for writing “Girl, Wash Your Face” and “Girl, Stop Apologizing,” two self-help books, and has been honest with her admirers about both the good times and bad.

Dave Hollis

Self-help books by Rachel Hollis include “Girl, Wash Your Face” and “Girl, Stop Apologizing.” Throughout her rise to prominence, she spoke up to her fans about her experiences, including her marriage to Dave Hollis.

Who Is Rachel Hollis Dating

They were married for 16 years before separating in 2020 after meeting in Los Angeles. Throughout their marriage, they had three biological children and one through adoption. At the age of 47, Dave Hollis sadly departed away on February 11, 2023.

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The progression of Rachel Hollis from a blogger to a renowned author and speaker has drawn a lot of interest. She has been honest about her struggles and her previous marriage to Dave Hollis, but she hasn’t shared her current romantic situation. Fans and admirers of Rachel will surely appreciate her decision to maintain privacy and wish her well in all areas of her life as she continues to motivate and inspire others.