Who Is Lala Kent Dating? Linkup Rumors With Captain Joson And Recent Current Partner In 2023| Is She Really Not Single?

Lala Kent is a multifaceted individual who has gained recognition and fame through her appearances on reality television and her foray into the entertainment industry. Born Lauryn Evarts Kent on September 2, 1990, in Salt Lake City, Utah, she has come a long way from her humble beginnings to become a well-known figure in the world of entertainment.

Lala Kent

Lala Kent first rose to prominence through her role on the reality TV show “Vanderpump Rules.” The show, which premiered in 2013, revolves around the staff at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants in Los Angeles. Lala joined the cast during the fourth season and quickly made a name for herself with her bold personality, striking looks, and fearless attitude.

Her no-nonsense approach and memorable one-liners endeared her to both fans and critics of the show. While “Vanderpump Rules” showcased the drama and conflicts in the lives of its cast members, it also opened doors to new opportunities for Lala Kent.

Who Is Lala Kent Dating?

Star of Vanderpump Rules Lala Kent announced in October 2021 that she’s “coming around” to dating again following her breakup with ex-fiance Randall Emmett. From the beginning, Kent and Emmett’s relationship captivated viewers. They began dating in January 2018 after meeting in December 2015 and becoming open about it. Kent claims that she became deeply attracted to an unidentified male.

Who Is Lala Kent Dating?
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – NOVEMBER 04: Lala Kent attends BravoCon 2023 at Caesars Forum on November 04, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Mindy Small/Getty Images) LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – NOVEMBER 04: Capt. Jason Chambers attends BravoCon 2023 at Caesars Forum on November 04, 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Mindy Small/Getty Images)

She admitted to perhaps being in love when appearing on Jeff Lewis Live on SiriusXM. She additionally stated, “My friend’s been trying to hook me up with him for a long time, and we finally met”. At BravoCon 2023, several Bravo bachelors showed interest in Kent and got together with her after the event. When asked if he had a crush on Kent, Below Deck Down Under’s skipper, Jason Chambers, played coy.

Lala’s Ventures In The World Of Music

In addition to her reality TV career, Lala has ventured into the world of music. She released her debut single, “Boy,” in 2018, which was followed by several other songs and music videos. Her music has been well-received by her fanbase, and it demonstrates her passion for creativity and self-expression beyond the confines of reality television.

Lala's Ventures In The World Of Music

Lala Kent’s personal life has also been a significant topic of interest. Her relationship with film producer Randall Emmett garnered substantial attention, as the couple’s romance and engagement played out on “Vanderpump Rules.” They have faced their fair share of ups and downs, but their love story has been a central theme in her life and a source of inspiration for many fans.

Beyond her television career and music pursuits, Lala Kent has also made a name for herself as an entrepreneur. She founded her own beauty brand, “Give Them Lala Beauty,” which offers a range of cosmetic products. Her cosmetics line has been praised for its quality and has gained a loyal customer base.

More About Lala Kent

In addition to her professional endeavors, Lala Kent has been candid about her personal struggles and journey to self-improvement. She has been open about her experiences with addiction and her commitment to maintaining her sobriety. Her transparency about her challenges has inspired and resonated with many, demonstrating her strength and resilience.

More About Lala Kent

Lala Kent’s style and fashion sense have also made her a notable figure in the world of celebrity culture. She is known for her unique and bold fashion choices, and her sense of style has earned her recognition as a fashion influencer and trendsetter.


Lala Kent is a dynamic individual who has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry through her appearances on “Vanderpump Rules,” her music career, and her entrepreneurial ventures. Her personal journey, marked by ups and downs, addiction and recovery, and a strong commitment to self-improvement, has made her a relatable and inspiring figure.

Her influence extends beyond the screen, as she continues to captivate and inspire her fans with her authenticity, creativity, and fearless approach to life in the public eye. Whether in music, beauty, fashion, or her personal life, Lala Kent’s impact on the entertainment industry and popular culture is undeniable.

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