Izzy’s New Girlfriend: Is Izzy And Stacy Married In 2023| All About The Famous Love Is Blind Season 5 Couple

Ismael Zapata, better known by his real name Izzy, is a well-known individual who rose to fame after featuring in Season 5 of the reality series Love is Blind. American-Mexican by heritage, he was born in Houston, Texas, in the United States. Izzy was raised in the Jehovah’s Witness society and is commonly known by his nickname, “Izzy.”


With dazzling eyes and a bald head, he stands at 6 feet and 2 inches tall and is well-known for his beautiful looks, appealing personality, and chic sense of style. Izzy experiences many ups and downs in his romantic life during Love is Blind. Though he was captivated by Stacy, another contestant, he had first connected with Johnie during the show. He eventually became engaged to Stacy on the show, and as a result, his relationship with Johnie ended.

Izzy’s New Girlfriend

One of the stars of season five of “Love is Blind,” Izzy, got engaged while the show was airing. Izzy and Stacy developed a close bond throughout this season, which resulted in their engagement. Prior to that, there was some drama as Izzy chose to pursue a relationship with Stacy after splitting up with Johnie, another competitor. Izzy was enamored with Stacy’s carefree demeanor, and after their first in-person encounter, they left the pods as a betrothed couple.

Izzy's New Girlfriend

But when they met Johnie and her partner at a group cocktail party back in the States, their relationship was about to take a turn for the worse. Izzy and Stacy’s engagement was a big deal in “Love is Blind” season five, despite some controversy and uncertainty. As they overcame the difficulties of establishing a long-lasting connection in a novel dating experiment, their journey—which was full of ups and downs—kept viewers interested.

They still communicate on social media, which suggests that they are still friendly, even though it’s unclear what their present situation is. The fans of the show are looking forward to the upcoming episodes to see what happened to Izzy and Stacy in the end and how their relationship is now.

Izzy and Stacey’s Union

Season 5 of “Love is Blind” stars Izzy and Stacey did not tie the knot. They were among the couples who were engaged in the renowned “Pods” of the show; however, their union did not result in a marriage license. They were granted a marriage license on May 20, 2023, according to public records from the Harris County Clerk’s Office in Texas, the location of the show’s filming.

 Izzy and Stacey's Union

However, the license was never returned, indicating that they most likely broke up before getting married. From the time of their first engagement in the Pods, until they obtained their marriage certificate, their journey was chronicled on the show. They did not go through with the marriage ceremony, though, and it seems that they had problems in their relationship.

In reality, in dating programs such as “Love is Blind,” where couples are forced to make difficult decisions regarding their futures following the program’s unusual dating experiment, this kind of result is not unusual.

Izzy: Love Is Blind Season 5

Beyond the program, Izzy has cultivated relationships outside of it, and he is well-known for his love of travel and adventurous spirit. Even if he doesn’t disclose some details about his personal life, his experience on Love is Blind helped him establish his reputation and make him a well-known figure.

 Izzy: Love Is Blind Season 5

Izzy has gained popularity among fans due to his interactions and experiences on Love is Blind Season 5. Apart from his roles in reality TV, he possesses a distinct history as a Jehovah’s Witness and an American-Mexican. Those who follow Izzy’s tale have been profoundly impacted by his journey on the show and his heartfelt choices.

Who Is Stacy Of Love Is Blind Season 5?

Love is Blind’s Stacy is an entrepreneur with several companies under her belt. She is the creator and creative director of The Closet Audit, a business that assists clients in bettering their personal style and closet organization. Stacy also works as a cosmetic artist under the name The Face Audit and teaches Pilates. She launched her own company almost a year ago in order to fulfill her passion for meeting people’s wardrobe and styling needs and making them feel better about how they look.

Who Is Stacy Of Love Is Blind Season 5?

Even while Stacy is committed to her business efforts, she acknowledged that she mainly uses the money from these ventures to finance fascinating travels and experiences. From her point of view, Izzy, her partner, would be in charge of paying the regular bills and rent.

Stacy’s ultimate goal in her work is to enable people to feel and look their best by using her skills in cosmetic artistry, personal styling, closet organization, and Pilates instruction. Questions concerning contemporary relationship dynamics and financial duties have been raised by her approach to money in her partnership.

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