Daniel Ricciardo Girlfriend: Meet the Woman Who Captured His Love!

Daniel Joseph Ricciardo AM is an Italian-Australian race car driver who used to drive for McLaren under the Australian flag in Formula One. In 2011, at the British Grand Prix, he made his Formula One debut with the HRT team thanks to a partnership with Red Bull Racing, where he also worked as a test driver for Scuderia Toro Rosso.

Ricciardo has earned eight Grand Prix victories over the course of his career. He drove a Ferrari-powered car for them in 2012 and 2013. He was promoted to Red Bull Racing in 2014 to replace the departed Mark Webber, where he now races alongside multiple world champion Sebastian Vettel.

Ricciardo finished third in the championship in his debut season with Red Bull, powered by Renault, after winning three Formula One races in Canada, Hungary, and Belgium. Daniel Ricciardo is dating a woman. We dive into his personal life, identifying F1 racer Daniel Ricciardo’s girlfriend and providing details on their connection.

Who is Daniel Ricciardo Dating?

According to sources, Heidi Berger and Daniel Ricciardo began dating in 2019. They are currently engaged. In August 2022, the pair publicly announced their love by posting a number of images on Instagram. The daughter of Formula One driver Gerhard Berger is Heidi Berger.

Daniel Ricciardo Girlfriend

Heidi Berger and Daniel Ricciardo favor maintaining a largely secretive relationship. But recently, they have been spotted together on several different occasions. They were observed trekking and riding in a chopper together in June. Ricciardo turned 32 in July, and they celebrated his birthday.

In New York, the couple has also been spotted going shopping and enjoying brunches before checking into a hotel. Photos that show the burgeoning relationship between Ricciardo and Berger and their friends have been posted on social media.

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How Did They Meet?

Heidi Berger is Daniel Ricciardo’s girlfriend, and he keeps their relationship primarily personal. However, the couple has recently been sighted out together. While trekking and taking helicopter rides together in June, they also celebrated Ricciardo’s 32nd birthday in July.

Daniel Ricciardo Girlfriend

Before checking into a hotel, the two had been spotted in New York enjoying brunches and shopping excursions. Photos that they and their friends have shared on social media show how their relationship is developing.

When Ricciardo said, “I got a good thing going,” and acknowledged, “he is in love,” during an interview with Fitzy and Wippa, he publicly confessed his love for Berger. He further stated that “love eliminates stress.”

Daniel Ricciardo Ex Girlfriend

Daniel Ricciardo Girlfriend

Formula One Grand Prix winner and well-known driver Daniel Ricciardo has undergone numerous changes in his life and career, both on and off the track. Ricciardo has a complicated dating past, which is understandable given his outgoing attitude, racing endeavors, attractiveness, charm, talent, and star status.

Jemma Boskovic: College Sweetheart

Daniel Ricciardo and Jemma Boskovic, a classmate and the love of his life, were rumored to be dating prior to 2016. While Ricciardo was taking part in Formula One races, the couple made a dramatic shift from Australia to Monaco in 2015. Despite being content together, their relationship abruptly terminated a year later without much of a reason.

Daniel Ricciardo Girlfriend

Boskovic acknowledged her new connection with Supercars Championship driver Andre Heimgartner and said it was getting more serious in an interview with Woman’s Day Magazine. They had been dating for two to three months when she said that they had met through a friend in New Zealand.

Annemarie Horbass: Red Bull Colleague

Ricciardo was allegedly dating Annemarie Horbass, an employee of the German event management firm Eventureline, shortly after breaking up with Jemma Boskovic in 2018. According to rumors, Horbass occasionally worked with the Red Bull crew during Grand Prix events.

Daniel Ricciardo Girlfriend

A closer look found that their relationship was not as serious as it appeared, despite the fact that their public displays of affection following one of Daniel’s victories in Monaco first suggested as much. Both of them, according to a coworker of Ricciardo, weren’t taking it too seriously at that stage.

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Jessica Gomes

The rumor that Ricciardo was dating actress and model Jessica Gomes first surfaced in late 2018. Gomes had a successful modeling career before she started dating Ricciardo. She had worked as a model for well-known companies like Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated, and she had acted in films like Transformers and Cinderella.

Daniel Ricciardo Girlfriend

Despite Ricciardo and Gomes’ best efforts to keep their relationship a secret, information about their relationship swiftly reached the public from friends and family. Daniel answered the claims, however, he denied having a romantic relationship with Jessica Gomes.