Terrence Bradley the Key Witness Against Fani Willis May Have Lied!

In his Georgia trial testimony, Terrence Bradley, a vital witness for Donald Trump’s team, sounded more like office gossip. On Tuesday, a crucial witness who was scheduled to provide testimony against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis appeared incapable of responding to any inquiries.

Willis has been charged by Donald Trump and a number of his co-defendants in their election interference case in Georgia with engaging in an improper relationship with special prosecutor Nathan Wade. The couple disputes Trump’s claim that Willis and Wade began courting in 2019, stating that it was not until 2022, after Willis engaged Wade for the Georgia case, that they commenced their relationship.

The romantic relationship, according to Trump’s attorneys, is sufficient grounds to disqualify Willis and dismiss her case against Trump entirely. Terrence Bradley was questioned by attorneys Ashleigh Merchant and Steve Sadow on Tuesday to establish a chronology of the couple’s relationship. Bradley, a divorce attorney and erstwhile law partner of Wade, was intended to testify as a crucial witness against Willis.

Bradley informed Merchant via multiple text messages that the couple commenced dating in 2019. However, Bradley was completely unaware of everything when she began interrogating him—including the exact date they started dating, the origins of their relationship, and the journeys they took together.

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Bradley initially stated that Willis and Wade began courting in 2019, but later clarified that he was merely “speculating.” He stated that he had, in fact, only discussed the relationship with Wade once, and Bradley was unable to recall when that conversation had occurred. Due to the number of times he reiterated that he was merely speculating, numerous social media users began to observe that Bradley resembled an office rumor rather than a reliable witness.

Terrence Bradley the Key Witness Against Fani Willis May Have Lied!

Bradley also insisted on saying he couldn’t recall giving Merchant specific information. Bradley merely responded, “I don’t recall,” to Merchant’s repeated requests for confirmation of statements he had made to her before. The line of questioning was getting nowhere, to the point where presiding Judge Scott McAfee ordered Merchant to continue.

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According to Trump’s legal team, Willis and Wade had an “improper intimate personal relationship.” They also claim that the couple went on ostentatious trips, which Wade partially paid for by sending bills to Willis’s office.

The claims have been refuted by Willis. She claims that after Willis entered the lawsuit in 2022, they started dating and that they each covered their respective portion of the vacation expenses. Willis has emphasized that the most crucial thing to keep in mind is that Trump and the other defendants are presently on trial for “trying to steal an election.”

One of the four criminal trials that Trump now has scheduled in advance of the general election of 2024 would suffer a severe hit if Willis were to be removed from the case. Trump’s court appearance in Georgia would be greatly delayed by the procedure to replace Willis or potentially the decision to dismiss the case altogether.