Kelly Ripa Calling It A “Bullsh*t” Audience Rule: Slams ‘Live With Kelly and Mark’ In Recent Episode|| Here’s The Whole Drama Behind Saying So

“Live with Kelly and Ryan” is a popular American daytime television talk show known for its engaging format, dynamic hosts, and diverse range of topics and guests. Originally titled “The Morning Show” when it first aired in 1983, the show underwent various changes before adopting its current name in 2017 when Ryan Seacrest joined Kelly Ripa as co-host.

"Live with Kelly and Ryan"

The show’s success can be attributed to the charming and relatable on-screen chemistry between its hosts. Kelly Ripa, a seasoned television personality, exudes charisma, warmth, and a keen sense of humor. On the other hand, Ryan Seacrest brings his own brand of charm, hosting skills, and extensive experience from his stints on various television and radio shows. Together, they create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere that resonates with viewers.

Kelly Ripa Calling A “Bullsh*t” Audience Rule

When Kelly Ripa discovered that her dog wasn’t allowed into the studio, she made fun of her own talk program, “Live with Kelly and Mark.” According to a video posted by the show’s Instagram page, Ripa freaked out when she saw someone wearing a “Kelly Ripug” T-shirt when she was mingling with audience members prior to Tuesday’s taping. “You own Kelly Ripug, right?” Ripa asked the man excitedly, mentioning the well-known dog on Instagram.

Kelly Ripa Calling A “Bullsh*t” Audience Rule

The well-known pug’s owner, Jerry Power, shared in Ripa’s joy by saying that he had brought identical “Kelly Ripug” t-shirts for her and her co-host, Mark Consuelos. The TV personality went on to say how much she “loves” the puppy and that she wants to “meet Kelly Ripug,” but Power broke the heartbreaking news that he could not bring her because of a production decision.

Power managed to get a picture with the married co-hosts despite being unable to bring his cute dog to the program. Following that, a number of admirers descended upon the comments section to extol the virtues of how “sweet” Ripa and Consuelos were to Power.

“Live With Kelly And Ryan”

“Live with Kelly and Ryan” covers a broad spectrum of topics, making it appealing to a diverse audience. The show is known for its celebrity interviews, cooking segments, fashion advice, fitness tips, and segments on current events. This eclectic mix ensures there’s something for everyone, making it a go-to program for viewers seeking both entertainment and information.

"Live With Kelly And Ryan"

The hosts’ ability to connect with the audience is a major draw. They discuss relatable topics and share personal anecdotes, making viewers feel like they’re having a conversation with friends. Additionally, the show’s live format encourages spontaneous and candid moments, further endearing it to the audience.

Showcases A Variety Of Expert Contributors

The show also showcases a variety of expert contributors, from chefs to fashion designers, who share their knowledge and insights on various subjects. This diversity of perspectives keeps the content fresh and engaging, offering valuable information and entertainment.

Showcases A Variety Of Expert Contributors

“Live with Kelly and Ryan” has also maintained its relevance by adapting to changing times. It has embraced social media, online platforms, and live-streaming to engage with a wider audience and reach viewers beyond traditional television. The show’s active online presence and vibrant social media community enhance the overall viewing experience.


“Live with Kelly and Ryan” has solidified its place as a beloved daytime talk show. Its charismatic hosts, engaging content, diverse range of topics, and innovative approach to audience engagement have made it a staple in American television. It continues to connect with viewers, providing a daily dose of entertainment and information that keeps fans coming back for more.

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