Carol Burnett Net Worth 2023: The Gilded Legacy of Comedic Legend

For decades, Carol Burnett has been delighting audiences with her comedic genius, earning numerous accolades such as six Emmys, six Golden Globes, one Grammy, and a Kennedy Center Honor. Born on April 26, 1933, in San Antonio, Texas, Carol Burnett’s journey to stardom began with humble beginnings and blossomed into an extraordinary career that has spanned over six decades.

Despite the highs and lows of her life, her ability to find strength in the face of adversity is a testament to her remarkable spirit and unwavering determination. Let’s have a look into the net worth, personal life, and much more of all-time merry, Carol Burnett.

carol burnett net worth

What is Carol Burnett net worth?

Carol Burnett is a multi-talented American actress, comedian, writer, and singer who has achieved remarkable success throughout her career. With a net worth of $45 million, she has amassed her wealth through her various endeavors and accomplishments.

Carol Burnett, a true icon of comedy and entertainment, has left an indelible mark on the world of television and beyond. With her infectious laughter, quick wit, and unparalleled talent, she has captivated audiences for decades.

Personal Life?

carol burnett net worth

Carol Burnett’s personal life has been as fascinating as her professional career. She has been married three times. Carol faced the devastating loss of her eldest daughter, Carrie Hamilton in 2002. In memory of her daughter, Carol established the Carrie Hamilton Foundation, which supports educational and artistic opportunities for young people.

In 2001, Carol Burnett found love again and married Brian Miller, a musician. They have been happily married ever since. Despite the ups and downs, Carol Burnett’s personal life has been marked by resilience, love, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world

How many films has Carol Burnett done?

carol burnett net worth

As a six-time Emmy winner, she showcased her versatility in various motion pictures throughout her career. Some notable films she appeared in include “Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed?” (1963), “Pete ‘n’ Tillie” (1972), “The Four Seasons” (1981), and “Annie” (1982). 

While primarily known for her comedic prowess, Burnett also demonstrated her skills in the television movie “Friendly Fire” (1979), which earned her an Emmy nomination. 

Carol Burnett’s ability to seamlessly transition between comedy and drama, both on television and in film, solidified her status as a versatile and beloved entertainer.

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What is the name of Carol Burnett’s Show?

The Carol Burnett Show,” to her numerous film and stage performances, Carol Burnett has become a beloved figure, known for her comedic genius, versatility, and genuine warmth. With her trademark ear-tug, she has not only entertained millions but has also paved the way for future generations of comedians and performers. Today, Carol Burnett stands as a living legend, a testament to the power of laughter and the enduring impact of her remarkable talent.

The Carol Burnett Show was a groundbreaking variety sketch program that captivated audiences from 1967 to 1978. It holds a special place in television history for several reasons, one of which is its trailblazing nature. Notably, it was one of the first shows to be hosted by a female, Carol Burnett herself, breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations of women in comedy


In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Burnett expresses her astonishment, saying, “I can’t quite grasp it. I still feel like a kid of about 11, but it’s incredible. Time has flown by. However, I’m grateful because I’m fortunate to have my health intact – my hips, my knees, and my mind – and that brings me immense happiness.” Well, we hope that Carol Burnett continues to stay healthy and keep entertaining us.